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Weeks 79&80: Driving and Packing

   Posted by: Rhona    in USA

The title pretty much says it all… After another night in Lafayette, Louisiana, we started the long drive back to Montana. On the first day we drove for 13 hours and ended up in Wichita, Kansas, having crossed 4 states. That was our longest day, at around 750 miles (1200km). We wanted to get as close to Denver as we could so we could spend the evening of the next day hanging out with Brett’s sister and her family again. From there it was up to Billings to spend another night with at Brett’s mum’s and then a short day in to Helena. In total, driving from Helena to Lafayette to Helena, we drove around 5,200 miles  (8,370km) in 18 days. Seeing as some days we didn’t drive at all the average of 290 miles (465km) per day is pretty impressive.

Going through Brett’s stuff has pretty much been what’s taken up the rest of the time until today. Actually, it’s not finished yet, though Brett flew out this afternoon. He’s off to work in the Black Sea for about 4-5 weeks, which unfortunately means I’m packing up my stuff in Australia on my own. Still, it’s cool that he got some work; a little inflow to the bank account never goes astray. I’ve been trying to fit in some of those last minute things that we didn’t think were going to make it (like you know, a massive carpet and a collection of coffee table books).

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